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Whether it’s a uniquely nuanced blend or a decadent single origin, Martin Henry’s coffees are always fresh roasted to an exacting profile by our Master Roaster. We believe each coffee is unique and has its perfect roast point for maximum flavor, which is why we never pre-blend our coffee. Each origin is individually roasted to perfection and then masterfully blended to create our signature coffees. All of our single origin roasts are carefully monitored throughout the roasting process to ensure outstanding quality. Try some, our coffee speaks for itself!


We proudly roast only chemical free, Swiss Water process decaffeinated coffees. We believe in maintaining the flavor and health benefits of our decaf coffee, rather than resorting to less expensive chemical processes to extract the caffeine. By utilizing the Swiss Water Method, we promise full flavor coffee without the caffeine buzz!

For more detailed information on the Swiss Water Decaffeination process, click here: www.swisswater.com

French Roast Decaf
French Sumatra Decaf
Puyallup Valley Blend Decaf
*Ask about half-caff options as well!

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