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Martin Henry’s flagship dark roast blend offers a delightful combination of some of the best and most dependable coffees consistently available to us.

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The varietals in Northwest Blend are developed fully in the roaster, but not to the point of charring delicate sugars and flavor solids, creating intensity without smoke.  Generous chocolate waves wrap around the taste buds, and are softened by seductive creamy sweetness and gentle notes of jasmine and pineapple.

This blend also serves as Martin Henry’s choice for espresso.  Pulled properly, espresso shots swirl with excessive, glossy crema production.  You may be pleasantly satisfied to press your Northwest, or enjoy a stately cup from the drip machine.  Coffees arriving from several equatorial growing regions—literally around the world—are individually roasted according to ideal profile before blending.

Today many roasters are blending green coffee first and roasting the batch to one profile; Martin Henry still takes the long route to individuality by bringing each coffee to roast nirvana separately, and blending after.

Dark roast blend.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 4 × 2.75 in

French Press, Ground Cone, Ground Drip, K-Cup, Whole Bean

1 review for Northwest Blend

  1. Eric Schauer (verified owner)

    All of the MH coffee I’ve had is awesome. Northwest Blend is no exception. It’s not easy to find a strong coffee that’s also smooth. This one is both.

    • martinhenry

      Thanks SO much for the wonderful comment!! We sure do appreciate it and we appreciate customers like you!

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