Ol’ 99 Blend


Comes in 12oz.

We named this one for you “Poppy.”

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Our popular blend is taken from the nickname for Martin Henry Wolf, personification of all things robust, enigmatic engineer of charisma, and patriarch and inspiration of roaster/owners Dan and Debi Bennett.  Much like its namesake, Ol’ 99 is a dark roast blend that offers intensity and boldness without becoming harsh or unpalatable.

The best coffees from Central America are combined with Indonesian coffee in a highly controlled roast environment to produce a potent brew that is both rich and weighty, but never burned, and provides just a spark of clear acidity.  Roasted sweet potatoes and perfectly grilled skirt steak come to mind in a freshly rendered cup of Ol’99 Blend.

For the most full-bodied presentation, coarsely grind a fresh batch and promptly French press this coffee.  Be prepared for an instant injection of fortitude and gusto, and just the slightest whiff of mischief.

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Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 3.25 × 2.5 in

French Press, Ground Cone, Ground Drip, K-Cup, Whole Bean

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