SuperAutomatic Espresso Machines

Office Coffee Espresso Machines

The Martin Henry Coffee super-automatic espresso machines do all the work for you, saving you time, effort and clean up. At the push of a button, our super-automatics create consistent coffee and espresso drinks like lattes and cappuccinos, without the hassle and expense of traditional machines. At another push of a button, the Martin Henry Coffee machine cleans itself. Anyone can use these machines—no experience needed.

The biggest difference between our machines and the competition is in functionality and programming options. Ours automatically froths the milk without the need for a standard steam wand. The Martin Henry Coffee machines feature one-touch profiles for preset espresso drinks while the others require you to manually enter in your drink selection. And our fresh-roasted espresso beans and quality ingredients for each flavor of gourmet coffee cannot be matched. We make every effort to surpass expectations and provide the highest quality products and service.

Compare our Office Coffee Machines

Krea Touch

  Real espresso coffee beans
  Holds 2.5 lbs of product
  7” touchscreen
  Makes 90 espressos per hour
  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities
  Up to 400 cups of coffee per day

Wittenborg 9100

 Grinds beans fresh for each cup
  Real espresso coffee beans
  Brewer washing and cleaning cycle
  10” touchscreen
  Up to two blends of coffee beans at a time
  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities
  Up to 400 cups of coffee per day

See Our Sophia Touchless Solutions in Action

“Prior to now I have never written a note of thanks to any supplier of any equipment that has been sold to our car lot. What an unbelievably pleasant surprise your Aroma units have turned out to be.”

— BMW Dealership

How it Works


Martin Henry Coffee Roasters will set up a beautiful super-automatic espresso machine in your company’s break area for a no-hassle, no-obligation FREE TRIAL. Employees, guests, and clients can enjoy the delicious gourmet coffees and can offer IMMEDIATE feedback.


At the end of your free trial period, you may keep the machine still at no cost. We will provide you with top quality service and products. Or ask us to remove it. There’s no pressure, no hassle —fun and friendly— just free, amazing hot beverages for your office to try. It’s that EASY.


As long as you are absolutely delighted with the quality of the coffee products and service, and purchase your supplies from Martin Henry Coffee Roasters, your super-automatic espresso machine will remain in your office for free. Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED!