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Founded in 1998 in the beautiful Puyallup Valley, Martin Henry Coffee Roasters has been hand-crafting premium gourmet coffees, designed for the connoisseur in all of us. Taking their cues from the fertile fields and natural beauty of their surroundings, owners Dan and Debi Bennett strive to provide the point of difference in your daily cup; clean, robust and fully developed coffees, individually roasted to perfection. Their formula for success has three basic principles: Quality, Freshness, and Unrivaled customer service.

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Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean

Unrivaled Customer Service

Small Batch Roasting

Sourcing only the highest grade, 100% Arabica coffee beans, Dan and Debi developed a coveted line of unique blends and single origin coffees. 

Their small batch roaster allows Martin Henry to maintain their program of On Demand roasting, ensuring the coffee is always as fresh as it gets. In short, they don’t roast the coffee and warehouse it. Instead, they wait for your order before roasting and packaging. The result is unadulterated freshness and an intense aroma that will leave you thinking “this coffee smells as good as it tastes”.

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