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Your partner for “on demand” small batch roasting in Puyallup, WA

If you landed here, you must be in search of a roaster partner that better fits your needs, and we look forward to that conversation!

If you don’t know, we are an “on demand” small batch roaster located in Puyallup, WA.

What is that? And why is it important to me you ask?

When it comes to coffee — Fresh is best. That’s why we don’t roast and warehouse coffee in anticipation of orders. If we did, the coffee would age… And unlike wine, it’s not good for coffee.

Instead, we roast for our customers when they order to ensure they always have the freshest possible coffee for their customers.

What We Offer

If you need private labeling — we do that.

If you are looking for custom blending — we do that.

And if you have everything dialed down, and just need the best coffee to maximize your point of difference-we do that too!

If you need training and support — we do that.

At Martin Henry Coffee Roasters We Value

  • Customer Service first and foremost.
  • Lasting relationships with our customers and friends.
  • An unwavering commitment to quality, freshness and consistency.
  • Clear, open communication.
  • Honesty and integrity at all levels.

If this sounds like a fit to you, we invite you to learn more by contacting our team.

Dan & Debi Bennett
Martin Henry Coffee Roasters

“We are asked all the time which coffee we use…The team at Martin Henry Coffee truly goes above and beyond for their customers and their coffee is always roasted to perfection, allowing us to make the best cup of coffee. We are so thankful to be partnered with a local company who takes so much pride in what they do.”

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