Coffee’s Unique Journey

From Origin to Home

Here at Martin Henry Coffee Roasters, we love learning! On this page you can expect fun educational videos. We wanted to dedicate space to learning about various coffee brewing methods, processes, and new happenings in the industry This space is ever changing and growing.

Currently on selection is a beautiful video of the process a coffee berry takes from the farm to your cup of coffee. We partner with various farms around the world, most of which are woman owned and operated. The coffee you get from Martin Henry Coffee Roasters goes through a very similar process as the coffee beans you see in this video.

Continue to check back in with us as the content updates.

Roasting and Coffee Resources

Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Our team at Martin Henry Coffee has put together the “short list” of go-to gifts for coffee lovers. Whether it needs to be shipped directly to your person, or you need a hostess gift for a party, our local, roasted on-demand coffee will be sure to please! Perfect...

A shared passion for coffee and community

A shared passion for coffee and community

Long time wholesale coffee client is a legacy in Bremerton For over 10 years, Martin Henry Coffee Roasters has been providing wholesale coffee to Bay Street Coffee Company in Bremerton, WA. This relationship is more than supplying coffee to an espresso stand. And Bay...

Why Cold Brew is Better Than Iced Coffee

Why Cold Brew is Better Than Iced Coffee

The new kid on the block within the iced coffee community is cold brew coffee, and it's stirring up tons of commotion recently. People love this stronger, more flavorful version of iced coffee, and they also love that how easily you can make it from home. There's an...

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Dan & Debi Bennett
Martin Henry Coffee Roasters

“I never drink coffee. I usually avoid it due to the bitter taste many coffees give. I never enjoyed any coffee till I had Martin Henry Northwest blend. MH coffee is the most memorable, finest cup of coffee I have ever consumed. I now like coffee. Call me a convert. But I ran out of MH coffee so I used a pod from my office and remembered why I hated coffee. Good quality coffee is a good investment. I am sold on Martin Henry coffee. I love it!”

Paul Knight

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