Northwest Blend Single Cup Coffee


Now available! Artisan hand-crafted coffees in single serves.

True to Martin Henry Coffee standards, Northwest Blend Single Cups:

  • Shipped as fresh as our whole bean coffees.
  • Roasted & filled fresh to order.
  • Formulated and portioned using the “Gold Cups Standard,” offering a single 8-ounce cup twice as rich as the competition.

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Martin Henry’s flagship dark roast blend, Northwest Blend Single Cup Coffee, offers a delightful combination of some of the best and most dependable coffees consistently available to us. The varietals in Northwest Blend are developed fully in the roaster, but not to the point of charring delicate sugars and flavor solids, creating intensity without smoke.  Generous chocolate waves wrap around the taste buds, and are softened by seductive creamy sweetness and gentle notes of jasmine and pineapple.

All this in a single cup!

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