Carimali Blue Dot SuperAutomatic Espresso Machine

Carimali Blue Dot SuperAutomatic Espresso MachineDelivers 18 Drink Selections and Up To 100 Cups Daily.

The Carimali Blue Dot could easily be the best-in-class, most user friendly bean-to-cup brewing equipment for your office, especially conceived to designed to deliver up to 100 cups daily. Perfect for apartment leasing offices, hair salons, offices, meeting rooms, studios, B&B and lounges. Indulge in the fullest flavored beverages made from freshly ground beans, brewed to GOLD CUP standards.

BlueDot can be connected to the water supply in 3 configurations: internal water tank, direct water connection or both (Jolly solution). It is defined by a modular concept and snap-in design:all the components are subject to periodic cleaning cycles (coffee group included) and simply removable without any tool. Available in black.

Carimali Blue Dot Touch Screen

Intuitive and simple to navigate, with features that include:

  • Built-in touch screen manual.
  • Pre-programmed instructions in 12 languages.
  • Easy self-serve operation at the touch of the screen.

Size: 21.7″ D x 14.5″ W x 23″ H
Weight Net: 55 pounds
1-2 Grinders
0-2 Mixers
Boiler capacity: 20.1 oz
Hopper capacity: Up to 3 lbs
Instant container capacity: Up to 3 lbs
Internal tank capacity: 135.3 oz

  • Multi-function, grind only, brew only and grind only options
  • Clear and user friendly touchscreen
  • Individual strength setting options
  • Low maintenance features such as automatic descaling and rinsing programs
  • Patented hot water system that keeps scaling to a minimum, keeping the brewer cleaner, longer
  • Additional hoppers for powdered ingredients are available

Free Trial — Carimali Blue Dot

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You expect the best, and you want it easy.

Martin Henry Coffee Roasters listens to you. We take on the work of providing your employees, clients, and customers with our incredible aroma-filled roasted coffees. We know having your office coffee machine percolating coffee, keeps your people happy. The equipment is ideal for offices of any type; compact, easy to use  and best of all – we provide the maintenance! Contact us today for a free trial.

Carimali Blue Dot

Carimali Blue Dot

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