Aroma 5500 SuperAutomatic Espresso Machine

Aroma 5500 SuperAutomatic Espresso MachineThe best “coffee house,” now inside your office.

Your employees will volunteer to stay in the office. The Aroma 5500 produces the same rich, smooth specialty coffee that everyone travels across town to find, without the time or bother, and at a tremendous cost savings.

Its beautiful stainless steel front only hints at the quality found behind it. The Aroma 5500 is designed and built to the highest standards available. It can brew a variety of hot specialty coffees and gourmet drinks at high speed, one right after the other—with just the touch of one button.

The Aroma 5500 produces a rich smooth espresso just like you would find at your favorite coffee house. From this incredible brew you’ll receive a wide variety of supremely enticing specialty coffees.

You’ll smell, taste, and enjoy the genuine espresso, brewed from beans freshly ground for each individual cup. This amazing machine delivers delicious specialty coffee just like the best coffee shop in town, right inside your office.

The best part of this super-automatic espresso machine is that your office may qualify to have one for FREE!

The Aroma 5500 fresh-grind, specialty coffee tastes unbelievable!

You’ve got to try it, and we offer a free trial just for that reason. No other super-automatic machine can match its quality, features, value and performance. The Aroma 5500 can handle any size crowd: small to large offices, catering events, even high-volume commercial venues like stadiums and conventions.

The Aroma 5500 is a fully programmable, computerized super-automatic specialty coffee machine, featuring a volumetric coffee dosing system that guarantees the exact amount of freshly ground espresso coffee needed for each individual brew, from full-strength, honey-smooth espresso, to rich-bodied Italian-style coffee, to the milder Americano. The Aroma 5500 also dispenses several variations of flavored coffee.

Aroma 5500 – Specifications
  • ETL listed for home and commercial use.
  • Volts: 120 a.c. 60 Hz, Power: 1000 Watts.
  • Dimensions: Width: 20 “, Depth: 24″, Height: 24″ (31” with external hopper).
  • Weight 85 lbs. (empty)
  • Computerized programmable buttons.
  • Water Line Supply Connection System:
    Maximum pressure between 1 and 8 bar
    Connection with a ‘John Guest’ plug, reducing from ¾” to ¼”

Free Trial — Aroma 5500

Get a $7495.00 specialty coffee machine for your office — Free!

You expect the best, and you want it easy.

Martin Henry Coffee Roasters listens to you. We take on the work of providing your employees, clients, and customers with our incredible aroma-filled roasted coffees. We know having your office coffee machine percolating coffee, keeps your people happy. The equipment is ideal for offices of any type; compact, easy to use  and best of all – we provide the maintenance!

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Aroma 5500

Aroma 5500 SuperAutomatic Espresso Machine

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